WikiLeaks under attack by CIA and Pentagon

Intelligence Agencies Allegedly Going to Extremes to Suppress Video Confirming Pentagon Massacre Cover-up
By Scott Thill, AlterNet
Posted on April 3, 2010, Printed on April 3, 2010

On April 5, online truth and transparency advocate plans to release at the National Press Club what it alleges is a video confirming a Pentagon cover-up of a wartime massacre of civilians and journalists committed under the leadership of General David Petraeus.

In a recent editorial that was later scrubbed, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange claimed WikiLeaks is under fire from American and international intelligence agencies angered by his site’s oversharing of the global village’s dark political and financial secrets, and that they are responding with harassment, surveillance, unnecessary detention and worse.

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The only positive of this, is that, when bringing information to Right-wingers, by way of wikipedia, they always huff, and puff and call it lacking in credibility. NOW, they can have a new perspective. They won’t believe that our government filters, much of what is on the MSM. If killing journalists is part of their agenda, maybe they don’t want the truth out??? Ya think???

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