“Why is it that the whistleblower is the only guy in jail?”

Because UBS and Pres. Obama are as tight as ticks.

So let’s wish Bradley Birkenfeld the best of luck as he seeks presidential clemency, because he’s really going to need it.


A jailed banker explains why banks still run the world
By Joe Conason

With Senate approval of crucial banking reform legislation increasingly in doubt, it is all too clear that the felonies and blunders of the world’s financiers have done nothing to reduce their political domination. Even UBS, the Swiss banking giant that pleaded guilty last year to abetting tax evasion and paid a $780 million fine, can still put in the fix, according to Bradley Birkenfeld, the former UBS banker who helped to expose the tax-avoidance scheme. In recent interviews with the New York Daily News and Reuters, Birkenfeld claimed that U.S. political figures are among secret UBS clients whose names were supposed to be turned over to IRS and Justice authorities in a settlement of federal charges against the bank last year. He says that’s why he is the only UBS employee currently doing time in an American prison, although he has assisted the U.S. government in recovering billions of dollars from crooked UBS clients — of whom thousands came forward last year under an IRS amnesty program.

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