White House stolen in ’00 and ’04–and also ’68 and ’88!

In this remarkable new book, the election analyst Richard Charnin–known on-line
as TruthIsAll–meticulously lays out all the evidence, which proves not only that
Bush/Cheney stole the White House in 2000 and 2004, but that those recent crimes
had been anticipated by George Bush I in 1988, and (is this surprising?) Richard Nixon
twenty years before.

That harrowing thesis is as smartly argued as it is provocative; but I’ll bet that no one
dares to argue with it. If it draws any fire at all, it will be mere empty jeering. Otherwise
the book will meet with universal silence. Because those who would prefer that we not
think about these things will wisely choose not to get into it at all.

Anyone who cares about the truth, and our democracy, however, would do well to get
a copy of this book ASAP–or get a lot of them, and send them out. The link below
will let you order it.


“Proving Election Fraud” by Richard Charnin (TruthIsAll)
By Michael Collins

Stock deals are rigged for insiders. Big money runs Congress. And we’ve gone to war based on a series of calculated lies.

Are you willing to accept the fact that our elections are subject to the same type of corruption?

If you are, then Proving Election Fraud by Richard Charnin pulls back the curtain and exposes the pattern of election fraud over the past four decades. It’s not a mystery when your look at the numbers and check them against multiple public sources. The information is all there – if the experts care to look.

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2 replies on “White House stolen in ’00 and ’04–and also ’68 and ’88!”

Mark, the introductory comments you offer summarize the importance of this work succinctly and with passion. This issue is not dead. The retrospective application of the True Vote model is an important breakthrough that lets us make sense out of decades of presidential elections. This is not complicated but it takes intellectual curiosity and honesty to actually ask the questions that you and Rich Charnin ask. It’s one of the most important issues of our time.

It was a personal communication from Richard Charnin about the election fraud in 2004 that led me to offer free trauma counseling to supporters of John Kerry, who, as we all remember, conceded the election prematurely (as many thought at the time) and without so much as a whisper of possible wrongdoing at the polls or in the vote count. Charnin’s book should be required reading for every voter – and every citizen interested in preserving, or more accurately, reviving, our democracy.

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