Where did AIDS come from? (Hank Albarelli)

Writing about the Unspeakable
by H.P. Albarelli Jr.

I don’t like having to write this article. I don’t like even thinking about it, but over the past few months its subject has come up repeatedly. Many television and radio hosts who have interviewed
me about my new book, ATERRIBLE MISTAKE: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA’s Secret Cold War Experiments, have, on their own, brought up the subject of AIDS and Fort Detrick and the connection between the two. Nearly the entire ten years I worked on the book, this subject consistently loomed in the background like some malevolent poltergeist, and was essentially considered unspeakable by practically everyone I interviewed. Now things are different.

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I have found pertinent information via the FOIA act from the FDA on a prescription cream called Renova 0.05%, that states two microorganisms were used in this cream They are listed on the NDA 19 963 as being pseudomonas and staphylcoccus aureus (MRSA). These two bacterias cause amputations, morbidity and mortality and have become an epidemic since 1998 . This cream was was revised in 1998 to include patent 4877805, developed by Prof AM Kligman. Prof Kligman worked for the CIA during the cold war in developing non detecting mind altering drugs, dioxin and other gases. Prof Kligman worked for the US Army at Holmesburg Prison, experimenting on the prisoners with canthardins (agents that cause blisters that come from the Blister Beetle and Spanish Fly). While reviewing the NDA 19 963, there was information stating the Pharmacopeia MSDS. Johnson and Johnson only listed as side effects from the cream as redness, peeling and itching and would eventually stop. This was a lie per the NDA 19 963 that states the true side effects of being blisters, leuckocytosis (life threatening), intracranial pressure, itching, rashes, double vision, respiratory problems from inhaling the mists, vapors and fumes of these agents, brittle nails, headaches, gastrointestinal pain, high lipid panel, high glucose count, altered voice and many other side effects. I went to the Pharmacopeia website and called up Acetretin, isotretinoin (Accutane) and tretinoin (all trans retinoic acid) and all stated that these agents were not to be consumed by humans. These agents were research and assay agents only. Biomol and Marligen stated these agents were not to be used in humans as they have not been fully investigated. EWG released a report stating that retinoids are used in suntan lotions and causing cancers. They stated that the FDA knew this for a decade and never informed the public. It is stated in the NDA 9 963 and NDA 21 108 Renova 0.02% that if you discontinued retinoid therapy secondary tumors will occur. It stated not to be used on melanoma patients. The NDA 19 963 states furanoids are used and per research furanoids create nanotubes via the sugar amino acids. They used photoisomers and they are pesticides that will cause disruption in the endocrine system. Patent 4877805 states that TTNPB was used and per the protein bank this is an engineered hepatitis B virus. Viruses are being genetically altered to create nano wires and attached to protein in drug delivery vehicles. Retinoid alter genetics and what do they alter genetics to? Why is a hepaitis B virus being put in a cream without warning and then in 2002 a mandated hepatitis B vaccine is mandated for school children? Why are infectious and contagious bacteria and fugus and yeast being put in these so called miracle creams and anti aging creams that cause life long health issues including death? The liquid silicone will cause silicosis of the lungs. The DMSO used will partition the skin to allow not only these agents to enter under the skin but will allow microorganims in the envirnoment to enter and that is stated in the FDA Photo Safety Toxicity reports. They used the microbial of polysaccharides (yeast), microbial of xanthomonas campestis (bacteria/fungus on tomato plants etc.), to make xanthum gum, and all trans retinoic acid is oxygenated plasma from the intestines that include microorganisms contained in the intestines. They used gases of methylene, ethylene, DMSO, propene, dichloro and many other toxic gases. They used PEG (polyethylene glycerol), cyclohexane and butadies all used in polymerizing plastic and rubber and why patients get scleraderma. How can these agents be good for the skin when they cause blisters, scarring, sores, rashes, dermatitis, sinusitis, rhinitis, deviated septums from the metals of zinc, aluminium, titanium, etc.? Why wasn’t the product labeled with these side effects? Why wasn’t the product labeled with 13-cis retinoic acid (bacteriorhodopsin=bacteria/fungus)that is known as Accutane and human teratogene? The fact that TTNPB causes eczema rashes, eye and skin irritation and reproductive damage. Product wasn’t labeled that the nuclear radiation of tritum was used and is an ionizing radiation agent. Why are cosmetic and pharmaceutical corps. selling agents as miracle creams and luring women to use these agents when the Pharmacopeia and other chemical corps. state not to be used on humans. These agents work at nanolevel using the ultra violet radiation of light waves. They are using red, yellow and blue iron oxides that are fermented pigments and emit arsenic that causes severe itching, central nervous system problems and gastrointestinal problems and death. Who gives up their eyes, respiratory system, teeth, gums, bones, digestive tract, lungs, heart and endures headaches and intracranial pressure to fade freckles? No one had they been given the “right to know”. That right was violated by all who developed these creams, who approved these creams, who market these creams and who dispensed these creams and pills.

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