Update on the strange death of Nancy Schaefer

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Subject: Update: Schaefer Funeral, DFCS Video and Legacy
VoterGA Supporters,
Although off topic, I felt led to do one more update on the Schaefer family with some new information. I want to particularly thank the progressives and Democrats who responded with encouragement to my previous article by recognizing that the child abuse and trafficking against which Sen. Schaefer fought for the last two years of her life is a non-partisan issue that transcends political party boundaries.
On Wed. Mar 31, over 1000 people flocked to Ebenezer Baptist Church in Toccoa Ga. to pay
last respects to former state senator, Nancy Schaefer and husband, Bruce. An hour long wait to
greet family members seemed only like minutes on an otherwise perfect spring day. Those that
stayed for the service filled a 500 seat sanctuary and about 200 more places in the Family Life
Center that had quickly been outfitted with video capabilities. Dozens of state senators arrived
by bus to attend a funeral service that was conducted with the help of countless church volunteers. The message by Pastor Andy Childs focused on the forgiveness of sins and eternal life available
to all mankind through Jesus Christ. He felt they would have wanted it that way. Pastor Childs
also mentioned that he researched Nancy Schaefer’s efforts in Child Protective Services, which
I believe will eventually become her legacy and greatest work.
Many people in line and at the service who knew Bruce “Bear” Schaefer were still consumed
with doubt that he would do something so uncharacteristic as to kill his wife and himself. More information is gradually coming to light about the couple’s financial troubles that may have led
to the tragedy but several points have fostered doubt:
  • The Schaefer’s were receiving death threats that had accelerated;
  • There was no indication from  Bruce Schaefer of him being under any kind of stress that would cause him to commit such an uncharacteristic act right up to the eve of their death;
  • Nancy Schaefer was completing a video exposing  the lack of oversight in Georgia’s Department of Family and Child Services (DFCS) as well as Child Protective Services (CPS) nationally
I spoke at some length with the video producer, William “Wilky” Fain, whose production company can also be found at He expects to complete the first video project in the next couple of weeks and is carefully considering offers received so far from buyers who have approached him about distribution or ownership rights.  The video will document a variety of problem cases that are expected to include examples of molesting by case workers, abusive foster parents, improper placements, failure to remove endangered children, unnecessary forced removal of children not in jeopardy and cover-ups of incorrect decisions made. More details on the video can be found on the Alex Jones Channel of You Tube at:
“Wilky” knew the Schaefers well and is convinced that their financial problems eventually resulted
in the tragedy. Both he and other friends of the family corroborate that Bruce had complained of investment losses and they had just received a foreclosure notice on the magnificent home they owned. They had put their home up for sale a couple months earlier but had been unable to sell it
or another property in such a down market. Close friends of the family mentioned that Investigators found letters that Bruce had written to each child in the days before his death and a separate suicide note. While the Schaefers had significant assets, it is the cash flow difficulties that may have been a cause of the tragedy, not cancer as rumored by Sen. Don Thomas. I previously explained why that could not have been the cause.
Still, many of the couple’s friends question whether their financial condition was really severe
enough to warrant such an uncharacteristic drastic action. Burning psychological questions remain such as:
1.       Why would Bruce decide to kill himself and his wife because he received a foreclosure notice on a home that they had already decided to sell two months earlier?
2.       Why would Bruce consider the couple’s financial situation so severe when their assets still appeared to exceed their secured property debt by several hundred thousand dollars?
3.       If Bruce was under financial stress, why did he not show any signs of it up to an including the eve of the couple’s death?
4.       If Bruce was under financial stress why wouldn’t he seek help from any or all of his five grown children who loved him and would have wanted to help?
5.       Why would Bruce decide to deprive both he and Nancy of seeing the grandchildren who they loved so dearly grow up?
6.       Why would Bruce knowingly take a drastic action that would devastate the children and grandchildren who loved him so much?
7.       Why would Bruce, who was so highly supportive of Nancy’s efforts for decades, including
her CPS/DFCS work, decide to kill her just at the peak of one of her most important works?
8.       Why would Bruce commit such an act that was so against his faith and completely out of character for him according to those who know him best?
9.       Why would Bruce jeopardize any chance of the family collecting life insurance benefits by committing suicide and killing his wife?
John Bankhead, Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) spokesperson, promised a thorough investigation. Such an investigation should be able to answer some of these questions while still protecting the privacy of the family.
Regardless of how the couple may have died, former Senator Nancy Schaefer lived the last couple
of years of her life dedicated to helping children and families who were victimized by the very government agencies that were supposed to be helping them. Her stunning report as a Georgia state senator can be found at the Fight CPS web site:
Her video interviews and presentations can be found on You Tube at:</a>
Sen. Schaefer was a national leader and maybe the single most effective person in this nonpartisan effort. I believe that she would have wanted her work to continue and become an important part of her legacy. Instead, the media has chosen to largely ignore it. The Atlanta based Creative Loafing online news section recently went so far as to ridicule her and anyone else who attempted to emphasize this work.
The many senators who were present for the funeral service now have an opportunity to reverse
that trend and pay tribute to Sen. Schaefer in some form of legislative capacity. Here are a few suggestions for them to consider:
  • Create sorely needed legislation to ensure that DFCS has proper congressional and judicial oversight so that children have immediate recourse when victimized by abuse, pedophilia or sodomy as a result of an improper DFCS placement;
  • Resurrect Sen. Schaefer’s SB415 from 2008 to help properly protect children from the abusive situations described and pass this bill largely intact rather than gutting it in committee like before;
  • Help get SB235 out of the House Judiciary Committee and passed through the House to protect Georgians against new federal legislation that can force them to be implanted with microchips against their will.
  • Gather the appropriate organizations to help create and pass real legislation to reduce the terribly high child sex slave trafficking rate in the metro Atlanta area;
  • Help ensure that the investigation by the GBI into the death of the Schaefers will answer some of the burning questions that remain;
The legislation described would address some of the issues that drew much concern from Nancy Schaefer in the last few years of her life. These issues are also concern to nearly all Georgians regardless of any political affiliation. There should be little opposition to any of these measures.
The legislature now has another opportunity to implement no cost legal protection for the benefit
of all Georgians. Wil they listen any better than those in media have?

5 replies on “Update on the strange death of Nancy Schaefer”

Thank you, Mr. Miller, for posting on this case. I know many women who were very disturbed by Nancy Schaefer and her husbands death, and given the context, don’t believe the murder/suicide theory for a moment. Although domestic violence also becomes a cause of almost common family wipeouts, I have had personal experience with dishonesty among law enforcement, affecting the custody situation.

There is definitely a common thread between the CPS factor and the custody/divorce situations. To me, they are tentacles of the same theme — people claiming to help the children, doing the opposite. What’s lost in the process is our civil rights and Bill of Rights.

These agencies are the “5th column” in the USA. I’m a woman, and no Tea Party person, (independent women not welcome, thank you) but have begun to think hard about what that revolutionary war was fought about, to start with. I also identify as Christian, but when this justifies beatings in the home (especially when women become pregnant) something has to “give.” So much of this has to do with principles and vocabulary.

The fact is, the word “children” and defending children has been used simply to replace rights of blacks, then women — when it was thought the public was tired of those themes. Those are legitimate categories of civil rights, as are children’s. But who is responsible to defend them, when the systems to do so are worse than the problems they supposedly address? Any systems that too big are going to dissolve from the inside or collapse under their own weight. Where will be when this happens?

FYI, I linked to this post and another on the same topic at (today’s date/comments).

Don’t know how HTMl works in these comments, I’ll keep it real short.

Doesn’t the pay of former State legislators continue?? From what I have read, you have your pay for that time, and an ongoing benefit from having been a State legislator. I doubt they were ppl with an ongoing income problem. Still very suspect. The “found letters” may have been planted by ppl who knew that there was a temporary cash flow problem. I very much still doubt this death/suicide — a man shooting himself in the chest to commit suicide. Not likely.

Im am someone who is going threw exactly, what the corrupt business of child protective serices talks about.Nacy Schafer is an inspiration, after my case is oer no matter the out come i plan to pick up where she left off. At the end if i am succesfull her murder will be reinestigated, and people who has lost their children to the system cases will be reopened and investigated.I am now in search of one of Bruce and Nacy Schaefers children for more info.

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