Say ‘NO’ to GMO in foreign aid

So here’s another bill intended to spread GMO–in this case, through foreign aid.

Check out this thorough critique:

Then contact your senator by using the alert below, and pass it on.


From Diane Kamp:

I wrote to Senator Tester last year alerting him to this bad bill coming out of committee. Called the Lugar/Casey Bill it gives 7.7 billion to Monsanto and other GMO companies to help feed/screw Africans. He did write me a real letter back saying he had sent a letter to Secretary of State Clinton protesting GMOs. I have the copy of the letter. But I’m not holding my breath. African farmers have their own seeds and their own experimentation with sweet potatoes etc. They do NOT want this “gift”. Please write to Tester and Baucus and tell them NO to this piece of crap bill. Another in a long list of piece of crap bills including the so called cap and trade which is a big front for commodity speculation.

Diane Kamp

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Subject: Say ‘No’ to GE crops in foreign aid

Tell Senate to support real answers to world hunger

Tell your senator: No GE crops in foreign aid.

Dear Diane,

Despite a mountain of evidence that genetically engineered (GE) crops have failed to deliver, a new multi-billion dollar aid bill directs taxpayer dollars towards more GE research. As written, the Senate bill is a stealth giveaway to corporations like Monsanto in the name of feeding the world’s poor.

Act Now!» Tell your Senator to oppose the Global Food Security Act until the GE clause is removed!
The Global Food Security Act (SB 384) is the biggest U.S. agricultural aid initiative in more than half a century. The bill mandates that U.S. taxpayer dollars support research on genetically engineered crops. No other specific technologies are even mentioned.

By including a federal mandate that GE crop research and development be funded by U.S. taxpayers, we are writing a check to Monsanto and other industry giants. Monsanto has been lobbying actively for the bill’s passage. No wonder. The law directs $7.7 billion to agricultural research and development, and Monsanto has a clear interest in how this money is spent.

“At the end of the day, GE crops don’t have much to offer farmers in the developing world,” notes PAN senior scientist Dr. Marcia Ishii-Eiteman. “Recent UN reports point to agroecological farming for more promising solutions to world hunger.”

Send your email today» Scientists who have examined the evidence around the globe agree: GE crops are not the answer to world hunger. Tell you senator: No GE crops in foreign aid.

Thank you for taking action.

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