REGRESS (a modest proposal)

Learn This, America!
The Final Report of the Commission to Crush the Strains of Weakness, Socialism, and Unpatriotic Thought in our Schools
By Jeremy and Daniel Lehrer-Graiwer | April 25, 2010

After an exhaustive review of the educational materials for K-12 students throughout the United States, we were shocked to discover factual inaccuracies and ideological biases marring what is being taught to our children in subjects ranging from mathematics to grammar.

Fortunately, some Americans are starting to get the message. Recently the Texas Board of Education decided to reevaluate the state’s curriculum, implementing common sense reforms all Americans can get behind, from significantly reducing noted secularist Thomas Jefferson’s billing in American history to a much-needed second look at McCarthyism’s sunny side. However, a state-by-state approach to reform is insufficient.

That is why we propose a single set of national educational standards we refer to as REGRESS (Rational Education Guarantees Real Excellence and Student Success). It is our belief that REGRESS will take our children into the year 5,700 SCEG (Since the Creation of Earth by God) and beyond.

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