Podcast on NSA wiretaps, CIA abuses (Peter B. Collins)

From Peter B. Collins:

Hi Mark,

A federal judge in San Francisco this week ruled that Bush’s domestic wiretap program was clearly illegal. Judge Vaughn Walker, a Republican appointee of Bush I, deftly sidestepped the efforts of the Obama Justice Department to block him from hearing the case, and found the plaintiffs had been illegally surveilled.

Jon Eisenberg is the lawyer for the plaintiffs, and in our interview he compliments Walker for his legal finesse and for finding that his clients–an Islamic charity and its lawyers–were wiretapped in violation of the FISA law. Eisenberg talks about possible appeals and the contradictions of the Obama/Holder policies, and how he and Judge Walker both challenged the government to produce a FISA warrant for the proven wiretapping.

This is the first, and possibly last, legal case on the illegal wiretapping that continues to be euphemistically referred to in the media as “warrentless wiretapping.”

You can listen to the podcast and comment here:

The second segment of the podcast is my follow-up interview with journalist H.P. Albarelli, Jr. about his book A Terrible Mistake, which reveals the truth about the murder of CIA scientist Frank Olson and the CIA’s use of assassination and drugs, including LSD, going back to the 1950’s and ’60’s.



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