Obama now denies the Armenian genocide

He recognized it, or claimed to, prior to his election, but not now.


Obama and the Denial of Genocide
Stephen Zunes

The Obama administration, citing its relations with
Turkey, has pledged to block the passage in the full
House of Representatives of a resolution passed this
past Thursday by the Foreign Relations Committee
acknowledging the 1915 genocide by the Ottoman Empire of
a 1.5 million Armenians. Even though the Obama
administration previously refused to acknowledge and
even worked to suppress well-documented evidence of
recent war crimes by Israel, another key Middle Eastern
ally, few believed that the administration would go as
far as to effectively deny genocide.

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Not only did Obama lie about the Armenian genocide, but alleged human rights advocate and author Samantha Power, whom Obama appointed to his administration, is silent on the matter, proving once again the lure of power and money.

Power’ss husband, Cass Sunstein, is now a top Obama official.

Power and money. That’s what it’s all about:

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