How the NYTimes “covered” the march on Wall Street

From Steve Brant:


I found the NYTimes coverage by searching Google News on “march on wall street april 2010”:

However, I could not find the story by searching the Times website in the ordinary way–by
going through the home page to the Business and NY/Metro pages.

My conclusion: They buried it somehow–under the heading “Business Day.” (I have no idea what that means.)

I suggest you ask all your readers to write to and demand to know why this story cannot be found using a “reasonable search procedure.” Why was it not featured?

We all know the expression “plausible deniability” from the Nixon days. I think that Clark Hoyt
should be asked, Who made the decision to bury this story, and why?


Also, people can contact the reporter through the Times web site. He may not know that his story was buried. Maybe he had some ideas:

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