Gardasil kills girls

From Peter Tucker:

A group of us who are opposed to DC’s mandate that sixth grade girls receive the controversial HPV vaccine testified at the DC Council before the Health Committee on Wednesday morning at a hearing on the DC Department of Health budget. The Chairman of the Committee, David Catania, who is responsible for creating the mandate, could not respond to Emily Tarsell’s testimony.

Ms. Tarsell lost her daughter, Christina, 18 days after Chris was vaccinated with her third dose of Gardasil. Chris had shown signs of complications after the second dose, but since doctors don’t always forewarn those receiving the HPV vaccine about the possible side effects, Ms. Tarsell had no idea that it was Gardasil that was causing the complications and that futher vaccination could make things worse for her daughter.

Ms. Tarsell is a psychologist and she has merged her grief from losing her only child with her scientific skills and has become an expert on Gardasil. Among other things, she has started a website in honor of Chris ( After giving her amazing testimony, as she was riding in a car to Union Station to catch a train back to Baltimore on her way home to northern Maryland, I got to interview her (attached). The interview aired Wednesday evening on Spectrum Today on WPFW 89.3 FM

She is truly an amazing woman. Please spread this far and wide.


INTERVIEW: Emily Tarsell 4-21-10

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According to medalerts (, an organization that analyzes VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) data:

“So if you get the HPV vaccine, you are about 10 times more likely to end up filing a VAERS report than if you had gotten the H1N1 flu vaccination.” Not one or two times more likely, but 10 times more likely to file an adverse event report after HPV vaccination.

“Think of all of the vaccinations given and consider how few of them are HPV vaccinations. Then consider over the past two years since the introduction of the HPV vaccine, about 20% of the (non-flu) VAERS reports have been related to HPV. It’s mind boggling.”

According to NVIC (National Vaccine Information Center):
When Gardasil is compared to Menactra, a vaccine typically given to the same age group as Gardasil…
“Gardasil was associated with twice the ER visits, 4 times more death reports, 5 times as many “did not recover” reports, and 7 times more “disabled” reports.
As of March 16, 2010, there have been 17, 742 adverse events reports filed with VAERS and 55 deaths involving Gardasil. It is estimated that only between 1 and 10% of adverse events are ever reported. If this is true, there would be between 177, 420 and 1,774, 200 adverse events.

Still think it couldn’t be Gardasil?

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