“Father of Prop 8” (which didn’t really pass) is now Bishop of Oakland

The rise of “Bishop Sal” is even more appalling than this article suggests, since Prop 8 didn’t really pass, according to the latest, and most scrupulous, examination of the evidence:

Would that fact bother Bishop Sal? Probably not, for all of his self-righteous guff about Prop 8’s vindication of “the dominant culture.”

And shouldn’t the East Bay Express pay some attention to the evidence that Prop 8 was rejected at the polls? Or do its editors prefer to feel embattled–and self-righteous, too?


The Father of Proposition 8
Meet Oakland Bishop Salvatore Cordileone, the apostle of the movement to deprive gay men and lesbians of the right to marry.
By Chris Thompson

Proposition 8, the California constitutional amendment that deprived gay men and women of the right to marry one another, was perhaps the ugliest and most divisive electoral moment since Proposition 187, which denied illegal immigrant children access to health care and public education. All across the state, gay men, lesbians, and their friends picketed hostile churches and boycotted businesses that backed the amendment. And as they contemplated their fate, they asked themselves: Who did this to us? Was it the Mormons? The National Organization for Marriage? Black voters? White evangelical megachurches?

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