Don Siegelman on the story of that Air Force tanker deal

> Well, I was a Boeing supporter but this specific venture was not on the table in 2002. Besides I brought in more industry and created more jobs than any other Governor and had the support of the economic development community because of my successes with Honda, Toyota, Mercedes, Fiat,Hyundai, Boeing, Avistar, Lockheed Etc as well as having brought in hundreds of aerospace and automotive suppliers.
> I worked economic prospects harder than any other governor traveling personally to see prospects and we had The Best incentives including the Best workforce development system to provided workers trained specifically to do the jobs they would be hired to do. No other state had such a training program. We were on the move. I had worked closely with Roger Penske to take the best of a work force deveopment program they had used in Michigan and we added that aspect to our already Best in the nation program. I had been working on many other economic prospects such as Kia, Lotus, Volkwagon, Porsch.
> The ring of truth in the article is that Republicans wanted EADs and I was close to Boeing because I had helped them expand their National Missile Defense Center in Huntsvllle and had them locate a manufactiong facility for the Delta IV and Delta II Rockets in Decatur AL.
> Keep in mind the Head of Alabama’s Business Council was, after my 2002 election having been stolen, and is Bill Canary.
> Don Siegelman
> Governor of Alabama 1999-2003

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