Doc to Dock is saving Haitian lives–so HELP THEM OUT!

From Francesca Batista:
In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake which struck on January 12th, 2010, Doc to Dock has been committed to sending urgently needed medical supplies and equipment to Haiti.  Although Haiti is no longer in the daily headlines, the needs of its people are greater now than ever before.
On January 19th, 2010 and March 6th, 2010 (before the ports were open) Doc to Dock airlifted 2,700 pounds of vitally needed supplies, including infant formula, antibiotics and analgesics into Haiti.  In February, 2010, in partnership with the US Navy, Doc to Dock delivered 20 pallets of additional supplies and equipment on the USS Comfort (a hospital ship consisting of 1000 beds) to Port-au-Prince.
We are writing to ask for your help.  Your support will allow us to continue our delivery of these vitally needed shipments to Haiti.  We are asking everyone on our mailing list to contribute $10 dollars to Doc to Dock.  These funds will go directly towards delivering medical supplies to Haiti.  Please click here to donate now.
By working together we can help to alleviate suffering and save lives.
Please consider making a donation to Doc to Dock today.
Thank you.

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