Complaint seeks disbarment of FEC commissioner Caroline Hunter

VR Files Complaint To Disbar FEC Commissioner Caroline Hunter For False Testimony In Voting Caging Lawsuit

Today, VR filed a disciplinary complaint with the DC Board of Professional Responsibility seeking to disbar FEC Commissioner Caroline Hunter for giving false testimony to a federal court during proceedings related to a suit by the DNC against the RNC for illegal vote caging. In fact, the federal judge actually ruled that Ms. Hunter’s testimony was contradicted by the written evidence.

Kevin Zeese, attorney and VR Board Member, filed the complaint. “Caroline Hunter lied to a federal judge about illegal vote caging by the RNC. She now sits on the Federal Election Commission where she continues to do everything possible to deprive Americans of the right to vote. We cannot allow someone like that to practice law. We are calling for her to step down from the FEC and if she does not, to be removed.”
Our complaint and the supporting documents are attached. We want to acknowledge Brad Jacobson’s recent terrific three-part investigative reports at Raw Story on this issue:

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