CNN sells “deficit hysteria,” to help undo Social Security, etc.

CNN Links Arms with Billionaire’s Project to Fleece Social Security and Other Bedrock Social Programs
By Bill Scher, Campaign for America’s Future
Posted on April 10, 2010, Printed on April 10, 2010

Unless we successfully pressure CNN to change course, it will air Pete Peterson’s anti-Social Security, anti-Medicare anti-public investment deficit propaganda film “I.O.U.S.A” along with additional propaganda “commentary” from people who work for the Peterson Foundation on Saturday.

CNN did this last year, and it was a completely one-sided presentation, when in fact, there is an actual debate going about how serious a problem is the national debt, and whether Social Security and Medicare really need to be gutted to reduce the debt.

Now, maybe CNN was actually clueless last year, and was not aware that many of the nation’s most prominent economists do not traffic in deficit hysteria, insist that Social Security is fundamentally sound, and broader health care reform (which just passed) is the way to protect Medicare.

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2 thoughts on “CNN sells “deficit hysteria,” to help undo Social Security, etc.”

  1. your kidding me cnn? rightist? surely you jest. You know it is reallt sad how many people really believe that social security is a deficit. WRONG! Social security is cash with all the money the baby boomers have put into it more then any generation Only problem is the brain trusts have used it as their piggy bank. Seniors wake up there are at leat 55 million of you out there vote them out..Tear up your aarp cards cause they really don’t do anything for you either. Don’t let them take 1 dime of that social security money that you have paid into your entire lives. Let them take their cyclone to coney island, I think it time the folks in dc start comeing up with things to cut rather then stealing from seniors.

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