Case of elderly gay couple gets complicated

From Katie Hickox:


A local SF gay paper, the Bay Area Reporter, has an article on their front page about the Sonoma Gay Elderly couple.

Their article raises a lot of questions, because the County of Sonoma treated this case as a domestic violence case, in which the injured elderly man who fell down, Harold Scull, is said to have filed a domestic violence report against his partner, Clay Greene.

The County of Sonoma claims Harold never wanted to see his partner again, and that he was examined and shown to have injuries, i.e. bruises, consistent with having been beaten by Greene
pre the BAR article.

Their property and assests were sold at auction in order to pay for their care at assisted nursing facilities, according to the Cty of Sonoma Public Information Officer I spoke with.

This case goes to a full trial on July 17th, and has been in process going thru mediation since last August. Apparently one side, that of Clay Greene, broke off negotiations and went “public” with his story.

So the full story will eventually get published as the case goes to trial.

This case has been going thru a pre-discovery phase and mediation since last August.



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