CA prisons ban Revolution newspaper

From C. Clark Kissinger:

In February, 2010, prison officials at California’s Pelican Bay State Prison declared that Revolution newspaper was banned from their institution. It appears that issues of the newspaper dating as far back as October 2009 were confiscated, leading up to the outright ban. The first issues confiscated last fall announced a special issue, Revolution 183 on prisons and prisoners, “From the Hellholes of Incarceration to a Future of Emancipation.”

As one prisoner wrote: “Everyone I’ve managed to share issue 183 of Revolution newspaper with had positive feedback. You understand this place is a dungeon where we communicate through solid steel doors with plexiglass slits …. everyone’s thrilled to know someone out there has an inkling what we’re forced to go through for years and even decades…and actually cares.”

Over the years, many a prisoner has been transformed into a revolutionary. Before the ban, over 45 prisoners at Pelican Bay were receiving the paper and sharing it with many more.

Attached is a statement from the Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund that describes the battle to keep books and papers going to those this system has put behind bars. It describes what you can do to help keep open the political lifeline to prisoners.



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