Arizona on the brink–and threatening to take the rest of us

Arizona’s governor, Jan Brewer, is poised to sign bill SB-1070 into law. If she does, it will be a big win for the white-power ultra-right, and a giant further step toward a full-fledged police state–and not just in Arizona, but in other states where similar laws are in the offing.

To see exactly who’s behind such legislation, see this video:

Behind The Veil: America’s Anti-Immigration Network

And for a sense of how this isn’t just an Arizona story:

Will others follow Arizona’s lead on immigration?


AZ legalizes racial profiling?

Immigration law gives law enforcement more power

United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Dismayed at Arizona Anti-Immigrant Law

And, last, an article about the huge financial impact of this legislation:

Contact Gov. Brewer:


Arizona’s Radical Bill

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