Why are we afraid to tax the super-rich?

Or is it “we” who are “afraid”?


Why Are We Afraid to Tax the Super-Rich?
By Les Leopold, AlterNet

Our nation is already deeply in debt. How can we possibly afford to invest in our infrastructure, renewable energy, health care, our schools – and create the millions of jobs that our unemployed desperately need?

We are told that we’re already living well beyond our means – that entitlement programs like Medicare and Social Security will bankrupt us. Forget the solar panels, the smaller classes and the new jobs – we’ve got to cut back on government programs at all levels.

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2 replies on “Why are we afraid to tax the super-rich?”

OK, I have understood this for some time. This article failed to say how we can return the tax rate to what
was in effect in 1950. I have written to elected officials. No
response. Tell us what to do, PLEASE!! Thank you so much. Selma Goldberg

The minute any of the non-super-rich (us) raise questions about how it is that the super-rich’s tax rates having fallen below that of the average taxpayers , we are branded as being commie, dangerous terrorists.

Bush’s base, the “haves”, have grabbed such a big piece of the pie while the rest of the 80% must make do with less and less. If any of us who make up the 80% dare to ask why the 20% (it could be 10%) should get such a higher standard of living at our expense, then we are labeled enemies of the state.

As it becomes incredibly obvious that the US has become a Mexico on steroids with such a huge gap between the wealthy elite and the rest of the population, that standards of living has declined for the average American, watch for creeping fascism which has already taken root.

It is as if the lower class, which makes up most of the 80%, has no right at all to judge the super-rich or their tax rates and if any of us continues to raise questions, these super-rich will retaliate and turn into the Spanish inquisition to silence anyone who asks questions.

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