What’s Walter Reed been dumping in DC?


I’m an independent journalist and I live right by Walter Reed Medical Center in NW Washington, DC. Walter Reed is being relocated and the campus is being given over to the GSA, State Dept, and District gov’t.

The District has been holding a few community meetings. I went to the last one, and asked about the nuclear reactor on the campus (it had been buried in a WPost story). They said that it was decommissioned in 2002, and that the building that housed it has been given a clean bill of health. (Interestingly, it is Bldg 40, the one building on the site that is in private hands thanks to a 50-year lease).

Also, the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology is located on the Walter Reed campus and I’ve heard that they test anthrax and just about everything else. I’m curious to learn how they dispose of those samples. The chair of the local elected body (the Advisory Neighborhood Commission) requested that an independent soil analysis be done prior to the District building anything, but that didn’t go over too well with District officials.

Later he explained to me that, 7 or 8 years ago, men in orange jumpsuits were swarming all over the Walter Reed campus and the community never received any explanation of what was going on.

At the moment, it looks like I’m getting stonewalled by both Walter Reed and the District. If you know of anyone who might have some expertise in these areas, I’d love to get in touch with them, as this is all new to me.


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