The danger of exploding tea-bags

Looks like we’re between a rock and a hard place–“the hard place” being the
proto-fascist state that is America today, where cops can use the taser anytime they
like, and we’re all under permanent surveillance; while “the rock” would be those
feral ultra-rightist types now contemplating, planning and/or urging violence against Obama/immigrants/blacks/gays/Jews and whoever else they see as threatening them.

It’s a lousy place to be; and there’s no getting out of it unless we face the fact that that
is where we are. So here are two pieces that concern the latter of those two dangers.
One is Glynn Wilson’s report from Alabama, where a certain far-right “libertarian,”
as he describes himself, has actually been taking credit for bricks lately hurled through
the window of a local Democratic Party headquarters. (That’s not terrorism?) The other
is a very smart take, by Melissa Harris-Lacewell, on the recent venomous display by the
Tea-Baggers massing on Capitol Hill in opposition to Obama’s health care bill.

As she notes learnedly, what we’re faced with here is not mere racism or homophobia,
but a vestigial strain of violent seditiousness, which certainly won’t go away if all we
do is close our eyes to it.


There Could Be An Armed Racist Brick Thrower Near You
by Glynn Wilson

Not Far From Here…

A Pinson, Alabama militia activist is not walking away from taking credit for
brick-throwing incidents at Democratic Party offices across the country this
weekend when protesters took to the streets against national health care reform
passed by the House and signed into law by the president on Tuesday.

Read more.


Is this the Birth of a Nation?
by Melissa Harris-Lacewell

In response to the imminent passage of health care reform
protesters spat on Representative Emmanuel Cleaver. They
hurled homophobic obscenities at Representative Barney
Frank. They shouted racial slurs at Representative John

Read more.

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