Tell Pelosi to support the public option!


Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she will not pass the public option in the House because it can’t pass the Senate.

That’s wrong — the votes do exist in the Senate, and our powerful new TV ad proves it. We need Pelosi and others in Congress to see this ad right away so they don’t kill the public option by mistake.

SEE THE NEW TV AD HERE. Then, please chip in $3 to help us air it 100 times in Washington, DC.

The House may vote this week on health care — so we need to act fast.

We’re airing this ad with Democracy for America and Credo Action. The more we raise to air it, the more members of Congress will see it as they watch MSNBC and CNN.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE AD — then, chip in $3 to help air it on TV.

Thanks for being a bold progressive.

— Stephanie Taylor, Aaron Swartz,¬†Adam Green, Brian Bills, Natasha Patel, and the PCCC team

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