Tell Obama: “No one should be above the law!”

No One Should Be Above the Law
Sunday 28 March 2010
by: Michael Gass, t r u t h o u t | Op-Ed

In 1776, our founding fathers made a bold pronouncement: that all men are created equal, that we were endowed with inalienable rights, and, among these were Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Enshrined in our Constitution were more bold pronouncements: that no man could be deprived of his rights, that no man [is] above the law, and, that our government was designed to protect these rights. These words hinged on one key principle; that the truth of these words would always be upheld. We learned during the years of the Bush administration how these principles were forsaken and that the truth didn’t matter as long as a political agenda was advanced.

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One reply on “Tell Obama: “No one should be above the law!””

It is my theory that these threats and brick throwing incidents are the result of ignoring the law breaking of the past administration. If they can get away with TORTURE, fighting a war w/ a nation that did nothing to us, removing habeas corpus from us, reading the email of US citizens, then why shouldn’t the true patriots of the US of Ahhhhhhh, also skirt the law and do as they please? All bets are off! Heck! They could KILL someone and who would do anything about it?

We used to be a nation of laws, but for some reason, Obama has decided that needs to change!! Ironically, it is the left/Democrats who will pay for his mistake.

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