So WHY do “we” waste all that food?

From Marco Ugolini:


This waste of perfectly good food is obscene, of course; but we should go beyond the maudlin appeals to the “brotherhood of man,” etc., and note what goes unmentioned in this video: the fact that there’s a principle behind the practice of discarding what could feed the hungry multitudes: the principle that people will only get what they pay for.

It’s the preservation of the commercial spirit that the current system values above all else. It’s the very engine of private profit. Imagine what kind of ideas people would start getting in their heads if all of a sudden one no longer had to pay for absolutely EVERYTHING.

In my opinion, this is about maintaining as inviolable the fundamental notions of the market and its preeminence in our lives. The market matters more than people do. That’s what the otherwise admirable and very humane people in this documentary don’t seem to grasp.



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