Rove lays out his plan to gerrymander us to death

Karl Rove Lays Out Plan To Gerrymander America To Oblivion
Jason Linkins

The year 2010 means that the government is undertaking a new census, and that means a new opportunity to redraw Congressional districts — and so, here’s Karl Rove, using his perch at the Wall Street Journal to publish a well-placed ad for his services as a gerrymanderer par excellence:

Control of the state legislature matters whether a state loses or gains seats. Take fast-growing Texas, which is expected to pick up as many as four seats next year. Democrats had a 17-13 edge in the state’s congressional delegation after the 2000 elections. Republicans won control of the Texas House in 2002 and redrew the state’s congressional map. As a result, the GOP now controls 20 congressional seats in Texas while Democrats control 12. Similarly in Georgia, following the 2000 census Democrats redrew district lines to give themselves control of the state’s two new congressional seats.

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