Rightists pull an ACORN on Frances Fox Piven

Well, they can’t put her out of business, since she’s not in business. So maybe what
they’re hoping is that some fearful wretch will take a shot at her.

Whatever happens, Beck et al. are doing with Piven what the Inner Party does with
Goldstein in Nineteen Eighty-Four. These freaks must have their Two-Minute Hate
(but they must have it all day, every day).


The Right’s Conspiracy Theory Attack on
Frances Fox Piven
by Peter Dreier

Sociologist Frances Fox Piven often gets requests from students who want to interview her about her political theories and activism. So when Kyle Olson phoned her in January, told her he was a college student in Michigan, and asked if he could videotape an interview with her about her recent book Challenging Authority: How Ordinary People Change America [1], Piven agreed.

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