“NO FARMS, NO FOOD!” Rally in Albany, 3/15

No Farms, No Food!
Rally on March 15th

More than ever before, we need your help to tell the Governor and state
leaders why they have to invest in New York’s farms, food and agricultural
land. On March 15th we will deliver this message with a No Farms No Food
Rally and Lobby Day at the Capitol in Albany.

This is a critical opportunity to join New Yorkers from across our great
state to rally at the Capitol and lobby our legislators. We will hear from
state policy makers and farm, food and environmental leaders and meet
directly with legislators to talk about the critical importance of state
programs that invest in farms, food and farmland.

Who: Farmers, food advocates, environmentalists, local officials, community
groups and concerned citizens.

What: Lobby day to demonstrate the critical need for state funding and
legislation that:

Protects farmland for future generations
Helps farmers protect water and the environment
Increases consumer access to nutritious foods grown in New York
Strengthens the economic viability of farms
When: Monday, March 15th, 2010

10:00 to 3:00


Invited Speakers: 10:00 am to 11:00 am
Meet with State Legislators: Beginning at 11:30am
Reconvene: 3:00 pm
Where: Gather in Meeting Room 1 of the Empire State Plaza Convention Center

Why: No Farms, No Food! New York’s economy needs a strong agricultural
industry. New Yorkers want nutritious foods grown close to home. Future
generations need us to help farmers protect water and productive farmland.


David Haight,
New York State Director
American Farmland Trust

3 replies on ““NO FARMS, NO FOOD!” Rally in Albany, 3/15”

The message is simple and couldn’t be more clear—America’s farms and ranches provide an unparalleled abundance of fresh, healthy and local food, but they are rapidly disappearing.

Ninety-one percent of America’s fruit and seventy-eight percent of our vegetables are grown near metro regions, where they are in the path of development. And every hour we lose 125 acres of farm and ranch land. That’s why supporting local food and farms is more important than ever!

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