NH town BANS electronic vote-counts!

Voters: Count ballots by hand
Petition article to prohibit computerized vote counting passes
By Nick Martin

LYNDEBOROUGH – By approving a petition warrant article at Saturday’s Town Meeting, Lyndeborough voters made their town perhaps the first in the nation to formally prohibit computerized vote counting and ensure the tradition of hand counting paper ballots.

Voters approved the petition article that “prohibits vote counting concealed from human eye by method of computers.” Resident Nancy Tobi, who sponsored the petition article, said she brought the article to the town to ensure Lyndeborough would continue to count its ballots by hand, as it has for more than 200 years.

“I know that the town of Lyndeborough loves its elections and is very community oriented. I thought it would be good to be proactive and protect this piece of democracy we have in New Hampshire,” Tobi said Tuesday.

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