More on Wal-Mart–and Bill Gates, Eli Broad and other billionaires attacking public schools

Kim Kaufman has sent me more about Robert Bobb, who figures heavily in Wal-Mart’s
drive to moronize the public school curriculum in Detroit. (I sent that piece out yesterday:

“Jamal did say that during the conversation the teacher did state she thought Robert Bobb,
the Eli Broad graduate who runs Detroit Schools as the Emergency Financial Manager was
‘crazy’ and he said the teacher seemed embarrassed and confused by the whole episode.”

The piece below–a long one–is an absolute must-read for anyone who cares about
protecting public education in this country, as a mighty force of plutocratic interests (Bill
Gates prominent among them) works to privatize that crucial democratic institution.


Detroit Teachers fight obsequious politicians, union bosses and privatizations plans

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