More on birth defects in Iraq

From Barbara Bellows-Terranova:

In the reporting on the rise in birth defects in Fallujah, both by CBS and the BBC, a “spokesman for the US military”, Michael Kilpatrick is quoted as saying “No studies to date have indicated environmental issues resulting in specific health issues”.
But he is also the same person who in January 2001 was brought out to defend the US military’s use of depleted uranium in the weaponry used in the NATO “peacekeeping mission” in Kosovo and Bosnia, in the midst of furor in Europe over the sudden increase in leukemia and other cancers in soldiers from European partner nations who had served in these operations. (
By this time, complaints from Saddam Hussein about the increase in birth defects in Iraq following the 1991 Gulf War, where depleted uranium was first used in U.S. weaponry (with Dick Cheney as Secretary of Defense), had already been ignored.
But our European partners could not be so easily put aside.  In response, the United Nations called for the World Health Organization to investigate, to see if there was any connection between the weapons, which left vaporized particles of DU in the atmosphere, where they were taken into the body by inhalation, digestion and exposed and open wounds, and health consequences.
The report was completed and handed over in November 2001, but was suppressed under pressure  It was eventually leaked by its primary author, Dr. Keith Baverstock, in February 2004.
See my own article regarding this information with all the linked evidence here:
It’s time to get to the truth about the horrendous damage that’s being done by the weapons used by the U.S. military.
Barbara Bellows-TerraNova

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