Jim DeMint’s hate speech decoded

From Kim Kaufman:

I have found the wranglings over the health insurance bill disgusting, as more information of White House deals were made to enforce corporatism and etc., blah, blah.  I basically decided no bill would be better than mandated payments to corporate interests.  Its passage was a non-event for me.

Except that onWednesday, Thom Hartmann spent about an hour talking about Jim DeMint’s statement about blocking the health care bill:  “It will be Obama’s Waterloo.  We will break him.”  Thom talked about “break him” and how that is dog whistle language in the south for what had been actual professional slave breakers, like professional horse breakers.  He read from Frederick Douglass, who had been a slave and had been sent to a slave breaker because, at 16, he had been “restless.”  He was broken.

The African-Americans who called in to the show to speak to this were heart-breaking: they knew exactly what DeMint was talking about, as apparently does everyone in the south.  So to the Jim DeMints making their ugly, racist voices heard, I am grateful this piece of crap passed and Jim DeMint did not get his wish.

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