Jesse Ventura on Mike Connell! (And there’s much more in this new book)

I strongly recommend this new book by Jesse Ventura and Dick Russell, as it dares make the case
for many actual conspiracies that have long been dismissed as mere demented “theories.”

For those concerned about election fraud, American Conspiracies includes an excellent chapter on
the Mike Connell and his likely murder.


New Book With Jesse Ventura

My latest book, American Conspiracies, is about to be published. This marks my second collaboration with former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, and it’s based on research materials that I’ve gathered for many years as well as extensive conversations with the Governor. It’s really an “alternative history,” especially of the past nearly five decades in our country, and I hope it will open people’s eyes to what’s been going on behind-the-scenes but largely ignored by the media establishment. The book includes what I believe is ground-breaking new information on the Bush Administration’s stolen elections, as well as the tragic events of September 11th.
Ventura will be on Larry King Monday night the 8th, Today Show at 7:40 AM on Tuesday the 9th, and The View the next day.  See my website,, for more details on his schedule.
The book is available at for a nice discount.
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