Is this why they want Khalid Shiek Mohammed’s trial behind closed doors?

From Jonathan Simon:


If the US (through whatever covert branch or group) was passively or actively complicit in 9-11,
one of the most direct and dramatic ways in which this could become public would be through
the open trial(s) of alleged 9-11 plotters such as Khalid Sheik Mohammed. There has been a
good deal of head-scratching over Obama’s apparent decision to try Mohammed et al via
(closed?) military tribunals, reversing the earlier determination to use the criminal justice system,
and interfering with his own Justice Department’s normal prerogative to make that decision.
There are many reasons (few of them good) for such a politically awkward reversal, but I think
it not unlikely that it has been prompted primarily by the recognition (what took him so long?)
that an open criminal trial would at the very least threaten to reveal far too much that is far
too dangerously at odds with the official story of 9-11. The bigger the crime, the more desperate
the coverup.


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