How safe is your cell phone?

From the Environmental Working Group:
Dear Supporter,
You already do your best to eat safe and organic foods, live greener, and reduce toxins from your personal care products,but is your cell phone radiation putting you at risk?
EWG has brought to light important new science showing potential health risks linked to long-term cell phone use. Now, with EWG’s new Cell Phone Radiation Guide you can check your cell phone’s radiation ranking and learn how to use it wisely.
It’s easy to be smart with EWG’s Cell Phone Radiation Guide
Our Cell Phone Radiation Guide has been extremely popular since we released it in October, because it gives consumers exactly the information needed to choose and use cell phones wisely. You can:

1. See how the hottest new phones of 2010 rank

2.      Look up your phone’s radiation level

3.      Find a low-radiation phone

4.      Find a headset

5.      Get practical, convenient tips on how to reduce your radiation

6.      Take action and tell the government that it’s time to modernize their radiation standards

Have you looked up your cell phone’s radiation level in EWG’s updated online guide yet? We just added some of the most talked about phones new for 2010, like the Motorola Droid, Apple iPhone 3GS, and the LG Chocolate Touch. Find the radiation levels of these popular new phones.
Good news! Two consumer-friendly cell phone policies proposed in California
Finding your cell phone radiation levels from EWG’s Cell Phone Radiation Guide is easy and far better than tracking it down from the US Federal Communications Commission (trust us!). But having that information available when and where you’re making a purchase is a goal we’re working hard to achieve in California — with solid results.
We’ve collaborated with state Senator Mark Leno (D-SF) on an EWG sponsored bill in the California legislature and with San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom on a city ordinance that would require that more information on cell phone radiation be made available for consumers. Read about our ongoing efforts to make health information available to consumers here.
You have a right to know, and we’re working hard to see that you do.

Ken Cook, President
Environmental Working Group
and EWG Action Fund

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