Help our veterans learn organic farming!

Hi Mark,

This is Karen Archipley. I was with the California Election Protection Network, and worked with Sherry Healy for a long time in election protection. Lately I’ve been working with the VA, helping returned veterans decompress and re-enter the workforce: .

The veterans in our program are learning sustainable agriculture from seed to market. It is hands-on learning with opportunities to train with experts in the industry, which also opens up employment opportunities for these veterans wheb they leave our program.

We’ve been in business for almost 3 years. The VA was providing 50% of the wages to transition our veterans; but when our VA liaison asked for more support because this program was doing veterans so much good, the Central Office cut off all support. This decision threatens to shut down a program that many people have come to depend on. We also get calls weekly from veterans all across the nation, who need our help because they’re having trouble transitioning.

We need some loud help, if you can give it to us.

Many thanks!

Karen Archipley

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