Glenn Beck loses all his UK advertisers

Dear Turn Off FOX Friends,
We are incredibly grateful for your continued efforts to help our cause, and we wanted to take a moment to let you know that your travails have already taken effect.
Thanks to the work of, Color of Change, and those amenable to the cause like yourself, Glenn Beck’s program had to run in the UK without ads for six days straight. As much as FOX News President Ailes likes to boast of his network’s ratings, those ratings mean next to nothing when your hosts become anathema to advertisers. When Rupert Murdoch had to air commercials strictly from his own companies to fill the space between segments, those of us against the vitriol spewed by Beck proved that we will not idly tolerate him as we forced Murdoch to reconsider the value of keeping Beck around.
Even with the 116 sponsors Glenn Beck has lost worldwide, though, his shows and the shows of his similarly hateful colleagues continue relatively unabated in the U.S. It’s why we need a powerful [and peaceful] army of people like you dedicated to getting the message out about how FOX intentionally and frequently manipulates the news to fulfill its preconceived narrative. When looking to combat the network that advocates against education, you can use suggestions like the following from Marian in California to chip away at Faux News:
Dear People,
Please consider this suggestion. When channel flipping, the cable company box gives credit for channels you watch. Therefore, I put FOX on parental controls button and now when I flip the remote it doesn’t get credit for being watched (I think anyway). Also, it removes the temptation to peek at the crazy things the commentators are always saying, thus no credit to channel for watching it! Finally, find out if the cable companies are keeping track of which channels are on parental controls button. (We have Comcast where I live and they are converting everyone to these blasted “big brother” boxes and know what we are watching.) I think Fox is lying when they say their ratings are up. However, there isn’t enough fodder like 43 to joke about anymore, so Comedy Central and Keith and Rachel use Faux News to get laughs. Good luck and I’ll keep on flipping Fox Free!
Marian in Faux Free Bay Area, California
Those kinds of tactics work well at home, but there are a lot of establishments that force patrons to watch FOX News, as well. You can try to talk to the owners of the establishment and calmly tell them face-to-face that you would rather not be forced to watch a network that, for example, baselessly turns a university shooting into a story about a left-wing conspiracy. Otherwise, you could turn to our popular Turn Off FOX cards. The cards come in a variety of flavors and can serve as a free way to suggest your opinion to businesses or individuals around you. Have a friend still trying to think of something to give up for Lent? Suggest giving up FOX News. Still struggling to make up for Valentine’s Day? You could always offer up the cards as a stopgap solution. From birthdays to bar mitzvahs, the cards work on so many levels because they work toward a worthwhile cause. Not to mention the fact that they’re totally free.
As much as we can provide you with the tools and information to ward off the fear mongering of FOX Fraudcasting, we ultimately rely on your help to spread the message out to others. If you know people who might be interested in joining the cause, please forward this e-mail to them. If you have any stories about your own experiences with FOX, we would very much like to hear from you. And if you have any suggestions or tips, we always check our e-mails and look forward to reading yours.
So please help keep the campaign going strong. As we said, it has taken root in the U.K.; we now need to ensure that sponsors in the U.S. recognize what those in the U.K. have and to help them realize it holds true not only of Glenn Beck, but the entire network. Thank you for all you do, because as long as you help us to maintain our diligence against FOX, you empower the rest of the world to choose reason and respect over politicized vitriol — and to choose to Turn Off FOX.
The BuzzFlash Campaign to Turn Off FOX

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