Douglas Brinkley and the October Surprise (more from Robert Parry)

From Bob Parry (whose article is at :

Mark, amazingly, the scene with Carter-Arafat-Brinkley apparently was worse than I portrayed it. Neither Carter nor Brinkley would consent to my interview requests, but I did speak with one of Brinkley’s friends who had discussed it with him. According to this account, Arafat was prepared to go much further in providing details, but Carter literally raised up his hands into a stop position to indicate that he did not want to hear more, presumably from a deep-seated fear of being accused of sour grapes. Brinkley did not intervene to nail down this historical information, either.

I was told that Brinkley was prepared to include this anecdote in his book, but after testing the hostile waters to the October Surprise story, he decided to drop it. Brinkley’s friend confirmed what was obvious, that Brinkley recognized the risks to his professional standing if he published something that challenged a powerful conventional wisdom.

Bob Parry

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