Did the CIA test LSD in New York City’s subways?

So here is Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post reporting on just one of the explosive
findings in Hank Albarelli’s indispensable new book, A Terrible Mistake, about
the murder of Frank Olson, and the CIA’s involvement in the dosing of unwitting
thousands of Americans (and others) with LSD and other mind-blowing drugs.

When can we expect the New York Times to do a story?

(Albarelli will be speaking here at the McNally Jackson bookstore on May 10.)


Did the CIA test LSD in the
New York City subway system?

On Nov. 28, 1953, Frank Olson, a bland, seemingly innocuous 42-year-old government scientist, plunged to his death from room 1018A in New York’s Statler Hotel, landing on a Seventh Avenue sidewalk just opposite Penn Station.

Olson’s ignominious end was written off as an unremarkable suicide of a depressed government bureaucrat who came to New York City seeking psychiatric treatment, so it attracted scant attention at the time.

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