Democracy in California? The thought has Glenn Beck freaking out!

From Californians For Democracy:

Dear friends,

Glenn Beck is so panicked about George Lakoff’s California Democracy

Act, that he is now attacking the Californians For Democracy campaign.

Here’s the 2 minute video (tip: to see the attack on Californians

For Democracy, click on the [I’m not on Facebook] button the first

time around, even if you have an account.)|1259257-XGJ99xx&fv=b|1259228-qTyl1Fx&rc=homepage

While you are still outraged , keep in mind that California is falling

apart largely because a 1/3 minority of Glenn Becks in Sacramento

are gridlocking important votes on revenue and budget. You can

help Californians For Democracy place an initiative on the November


Our proposition is simple – one sentence, 14 words:
“All legislative actions on revenue and budget must be determined by a majority vote.”

To restore a government that works for all Californians, you need to

download the attached petition, print it, fill it all out, sign it (twice),

and mail it in, today.

You can also download the petition from this web page:

For more information, go to

and, Students should check

out .

Finally, give your friends a laugh, and make a real statement to the

Glenn Becks of California. Forward this email on to everybody you

know, today.

Make it a great day for California’s future!

Thank you,

Californians For Democracy

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