David Frum kicked out of AEI

the American Enterprise Instutute, apparently for his too-frank appraisal of Obama’s
health care victory as the GOP’s “Waterloo.”

His blog post here is edifying, as it shows what happens, even to a well-established
rightist, when he strays from the Official Line. (AEI is not a think tank, although it
plays one on TV: AEI is a propaganda mill, and so Frum’s fate is no surprise, as he
stomped on the message-of-the-moment.)

Rightist though he is, however, he tells us here that “[he’ll] be delivering half dozen
… lectures in China in the month of April as a guest of the US Department of State.”

Why? He’s not even an American! (He’s Canadian.)



So What Happened?

After my dismissal from AEI Thursday, I posted in this space my letter of resignation. I declined television interviews, but I did speak to print journalists about the basic facts, in a way that
expressed respect for AEI and its leadership.

I spent most of today flying from Washington to San Francisco and emerged from the plane to a fierce counter-attack, including an especially unpleasant piece from Charles Murray.

Let me respond here to some specific issues in this matter.

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2 replies on “David Frum kicked out of AEI”

Good to see a perpetual war advocate neocon like – Axis of Evil – David Frum get his due. Maybe the neocon rats will desert the sinking Republican ship and the Republicans will be reborn into a party that can yet keep us out of deeper bankrupcy. Throwing the money into a questionable health care policy is still better then throwing the money down the rathole of perpetual war to pamper Israel and the radical religious right.

The irony is that Frum is completely wrong. Obama’s wealthcare plan for the HMOs and health insurers is the same legislation the GOP would have passed. It steals services and money from the middle class and the poor to give to the rich. It doesn’t get more rightist and Republican than that.

However, the GOP didn’t just win on policy. They also won on politics. This sickening betrayal will hurt “Democrats” in 2010. It will be devastating for the Democratic Party in 2014 when the IRS starts fining people for not being able to afford health insurance.

Barack Bush strikes again!

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