Caveat re: “In Texas, drinking in a bar can get you busted”

Here’s a comment from spongebob, re: AlterNet’s piece (which I sent out earlier) about the cops in Ft. Worth busting gays, Hispanics et al. for drinking in bars.

If this post is accurate, the AlterNet piece has some problems.


Uh, as most of y’all know, I live here in Texas and this story is really really old.

The three of the TABC officers involved were fired, the city of Ft. Worth officially apologized, and more of the senior TABC officers were disciplined. Read here:

I’m not sure what more the Alternet community would want done. Yes, these cops were redneck douchebags, but every state has those. Ever been to San Diego?

They weren’t really cops either, which is another thing. They’re Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission officers, which means they usually do stuff like permit enforcement for bars and check breweries and wineries for code compliance. Ft. Worth cops are usually really polite and helpful, as Ft. Worth is a very touristy area, and asshole cops tend to drive down revenue.

As far as the Irving thing, what the author isn’t telling you is that the deportation of illegal aliens wasn’t so much part of an Irving initiative, but was part of a Federal program.

We have all kinds of problems with the Federal government pushing ideas that don’t work down here. The border fence is a great example. Most Texans think the fence is a stupid idea. Let Arizona build one if they want to, but we know better. And we certainly don’t want to build fences over our state and national parks, like DHS wants. There’s lawsuits aplenty over that.

I think if Mr. Weinstein wants to write articles about Texas, maybe he should visit the place first. In Austin, Dallas, Houston or Ft. Worth, you can be brown, gay, gay and brown, and not run into problems like these, which are exceptions, not the rule.

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