Birth defects spiking in Fallujah

When is the killing of children not a crime?
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Dear Mark,
Yesterday, Karl Rove was all over the news with the release of his book congratulating himself, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for the invasion of Iraq.
Rove is getting richer by the day.
Yesterday, too, there was another news item that, unlike Rove’s book, has received scant attention. It speaks directly to the legal culpability of Bush, Rove and the other criminals who should be arrested rather doing book tours.
CBS News reports, “Doctors and parents in the Iraqi city of Fallujah are blaming a sharp increase in the number of birth defects on the highly sophisticated weapons U.S. troops have used in the city during the war.
“The BBC reported Thursday the staggering statistic from doctors in the city that the number of heart defects found in newborn babies is 13 times the number of similar birth defects in Europe.”
Bush ordered Fallujah to be essentially destroyed in 2004.
The CBS story states: “British-based Iraqi researcher Malik Hamdan told the news organization that one doctor compared the number of birth defects from before 2003 to today. Before the war began, she saw about one case every two months. Now she sees cases every day.
“Her research shows that as of January, the rate of congenital heart defects was 95 per 1,000 births or 13 times Europe’s rate.” Bush is guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity.
Many tens of thousands of children have died directly as a consequence of Bush’s war that was based exclusively on lies and deceit. In addition to the spike in birth defects, a whole generation of Iraqi children will face a lifetime of physical and emotional wounds. Seventy percent of children are suffering from trauma-related symptoms reports the Iraqi Society of Psychiatrists and the World Health Organization. That conclusion was based on a survey of 10,000 primary school students.
On March 20, 2010 supporters of the IndictBushNow movement are forming a contingent in the national anti-war March on Washington protesting the Iraq and Afghanistan war.
We owe it the people of Fallujah and all the still suffering people in Iraq to let them know that “We The People” in the United States, like they, recognize that a government that spoke in our name committed some of the worst atrocities in modern times.
Please stand with thousands of others on March 20. Spread the word to others. If you can’t attend but want to show your support, you can make a donation so that others can come. To donate, click here.

P.S.: How ironic that CBS News would report on the crimes of the Bush administration, yet CBS Outdoor has so far refused to run the IndictBushNow bus ad campaign demanding that the war criminals behind them be brought to justice. Click here to send CBS a letter of protest.

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