ACORN’s fate–and ours

In all the hoopla over Sunday’s big win for the Democrats, let us not forget that ACORN
finally fell on that same day–done in by the right, which wields enormous clout throughout
“the liberal media,” and which is not about to lose it just because Obama scored a major
legislative coup against the GOP.

This is not the first time that the right has used the media to vent its propaganda. As
Robert Parry points out here, much the same thing happened to Dan Rather, who was
obligingly destroyed by his own network for having dared to look into George Bush’s
scandalous military record (a record that the media otherwise obligingly ignored).

And there are countless other instances of “our” press picking up and amplifying rightist
spin (Al Gore’s “lies,” the Swift Boat myth, Democratic “voter fraud,” etc., etc.) and
clamming up on subjects that the right wants people not to know about (Don Siegelman’s
ordeal, Sarah Palin’s Christianist extremism, the theocratic faction in the US military, Mike
Connell’s hand in BushCo’s “victories” at the polls, and his untimely death, etc., etc.–
and that’s the least of what should be, but isn’t, in the news).

The list is long. What does it tell us? First of all, it tells us that the right is hardly finished,
notwithstanding Sunday’s victory, because it still maintains a hammerlock on our “free
press”–and still controls the levers of our voting system (so to speak: there being
no levers in our voting system any more). Both of those advantages will surely help
them this November, by enabling many weak Republicans to “win” outright, and/or
by lessening the victory margins of a lot of Democrats, thereby depriving them of
any “mandate” (as “the liberal media” will helpfully point out as often as it can).

So there’s a warning for us all. And here also is a more constructive point. As Parry
and David Swanson note below, what ACORN’s fate, and all those Big Lies winningly
put over by the media, should make clear is that we need a vastly stronger independent
media. And what this ultimately means is that we must have sweeping democratic media
reform in the United States, or else the US will be finished as a democratic country–
done in, just like ACORN, by the far right and its “liberal” helpers in the corporate press.


NYT Admits Getting Duped on ACORN
By Robert Parry
March 21, 2010

The New York Times admits, sort of, that it got duped by right-wing propagandists who appear to have succeeded in a plot to destroy ACORN, an organization that has aided and defended the poor and powerless across the United States for four decades.

Read more.

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