ACORN is finished

So the work of the election-riggers has borne fruit–strange fruit–at last.
And we can thank the New York Times, and all the other “liberal media,” for
helping out, by faithfully re-echoing the rightist propaganda.


ACORN Announces Plans to Close Down
BREAKING: ACORN Announces Intentions to ‘Bring Operations to a Ce’
‘Mission Accomplished’ for anti-democracy GOP scam artists…

Just one day after the New York Time’s Public Editor Clark Hoyt finally admitting that both he and his paper were “wrong” in the way, for the last six months, they unskeptically and inaccurately covered the Rightwing hoaxsters who released doctored-up, heavily-overdubbed, secretly-taped hit videos targeting the national community organization ACORN, largely for their work in legally registering hundreds of thousands of low-income voters so they could have their voice heard in their own democracy, the group is announcing
that they will be “bringing its operations to a close”.

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