A looming threat to Florida’s schools

From Ellen Schindler:


Are you aware of this legislation before the Republican dominated Florida Senate?

Vote is scheduled for it today, then it goes to the Republican dominated House. It would render the teachers’ unions powerless. There hasn’t been much about it in the MSM.

Here, below, are several pieces on it: a breaking news story from conservative Tallahassee, a news story from Jacksonville, an editorial from usually conservative North West Florida, and a letter to the President from teachers published on a web site, all opposing this bill. Also a brief statement from the CEO of the Florida Chamber of Commerce giving his support to the bill.

The major problem in Florida state legislation is the Republican controlled House (77-42) and Senate ( 26-14) . This bill is basically a union buster.


Rallies Planned To Fight Teacher Merit Pay Bill

Senate bill would eliminate teacher tenure

Senate bill would tie teachers’ pay to students’ performance (DOCUMENT)

Letters To Leaders
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CEO of Florida Chamber of Commerce supports SB 6

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