A kick-ass letter in the Baltimore Sun

From Joe Surkiewicz:


Remarkably [indeed!–MCM], this letter ran in the Sun last week (wish I had written it):

Your report about the closure of Baltimore’s ACORN office claims the group’s problems stemmed from videos showing two staff members giving tax-evading tips (“ACORN in Md. is shuttered,” March 16). You are of course referring to the crudely doctored videos which have never been seen in unedited form and are grossly inconsistent with transcripts that have have been obtained with some difficulty.

If you were actually journalists, you would mention this in your article, but since you are merely propagandists trying to undermine any organization run by and for working people, you skip that kind of honest reporting.

Pity. No wonder your print circulation has fallen so hopelessly. It was pure chance that led Maryland ACORN to fold before The Sun.

Katharine W. Rylaarsdam

Joe Surkiewicz
Director of Communications
Maryland Legal Aid

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