What’s wrong with Rush Holt’s proposed “reform” of our election system

BlackBoxVoting’s Bev Harris Tackles the Holt Bill

Freedom is a human right. In order to have freedom, the people must be able to choose their own governance. To choose our own governance, we must have public elections. The key word here is “public” — simply HAVING elections does not mean you get to choose your governance. If those who hold power huddle in a back room behind closed doors to count your votes and then come out and announce what they claim to be the results, these are not public elections. If votes are counted by concealed electronic processes controlled by insiders, these are not public elections.

If you are subjected to a system which is ultimately controlled by concealed processes you are not really free, because you cannot displace your governors unless a handful of insiders wish to allow it. Such processes violate your human rights. Not just civil rights. Not just voting rights.Your right to freedom is a highest level right, and as stated in our Declaration of Independence, “an inalienable right, endowed by our creator.”

BlackBoxVoting’s Bev Harris Tackles the Holt Bill, Part Two

Democracy was conceived of BECAUSE our founders understood full well that power corrupts, and that the people must at all times remain sovereign over, and vigilant towards, those who serve us as public servants. If we become inattentive, they warned us, our governors will become wolves.
Our form of government is based on DISTRUST of government insiders. It seems particularly insidious to call this election reform bill the “Voter Confidence Act,” since bestowing “confidence” and “trust” in our public officials is exactly the opposite approach as that envisioned by our founders.

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