Under Bush/Obama, Nixon’s crimes have been made “legal”

“The Patriot Act and related legislation do have the effect of legalizing most of the actual crimes against me by Nixon. Sneak-and-peek entries and burglaries of a doctor’s office, in search of information to use against a “terrorist suspect”? (i.e., someone like me who opposes and resists a president’s terrorism). Legal, now. Warrantless wiretaps? Legal. Use of CIA against an American citizen? Legal.”

More Ellsberg:
The Pentagon Papers and John Dean, Then and Now
By Joan Brunwasser

My guest today is “the most dangerous man* in America”–whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg.

When you released the Pentagon Papers to the New York Times, you knew that you could be facing life in prison. Luckily, that turned out not to be the case. But, if you were to have done comparable actions since the passage of the Patriot Act, they would have tossed you in prison and thrown away the key. That’s a sobering, concrete example of where we are almost forty years later. Do you ever think about that?

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