UK releases censored text re: US torture of Binyam Mohamed

Under UK Court Order, UK Releases Redacted Paragraphs About
US Treatment of “Terrorist” Detainee


The U.S. government asked that the following seven paragraphs about the treatment, in detention, of Binyam Mohamed, not be released. A UK court ordered that they be made public. BuzzFlash reprints them, as released under court order and posted on the website of the British Foreign Office:

Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, said:

“The Government accepts the decision of the Court of Appeal that, in the light of disclosures in the US court, it should publish the seven paragraphs at issue in the case of Binyam Mohamed. We have published the paragraphs below.

“At the heart of this case was the principle that if a country shares intelligence with another, that country must agree before its intelligence is released. This ‘control principle’ is essential to the intelligence relationship between Britain and the US. The Government fought the case to preserve this principle, and today’s judgement upholds it. It agreed that the control principle is integral to intelligence sharing. The court has today ordered the publication of the seven paragraphs because in its view their substance had been put into the public domain by a decision of a US court in another case. Without that disclosure, it is clear that the Court of Appeal would have overturned the Divisional Court’s decision to publish the material.

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